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Sensei Nigel B Briggs


A few simple rules to help keep everyone on the path to success:
The committee of the British Go-Dai Association believes that the rules on this page will help to maintain its standing in the martial arts community:
  •         Show respect for your Sensei, fellow students and Dojo at all times
  •         Keep your Gi smart and clean
  •         Never wear jewellery during training
  •         Show modesty, never be boastful
  •         Keep control of your temper; always show self discipline
  •         Keep your nails short

Adhering to these rules when attending gradings will keep administration at gradings to a minimum and will ensure the smooth running of the grading:
  • Students must be wearing a proper karate suit with both Wado-ryu and British Go-Dai badges correctly affixed (does not apply to beginners taking first grade)
  • Students must have trained for a minimum of 7 out of 10 training nights since the previous grading
  • Students/parents are responsible for ensuring that the karate licence is valid. This means that all licence fees must be paid and that the current details including a current photograph of passport quality are included/affixed
  • Grading fees and licences must be handed in to the club Sensei two weeks before the grading
  • Students must present themselves to the grading panel immediately when requested
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