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Sensei Patrick Kelly

  June 2019  
  WHPS Summer Fayre saw a good turnout for the karate and kobudo demonstration, raising over £52 for school funds in the bucket!  
  April 2019  

Congratulations to Sensei Tom Dawes who gained his 2nd Dan black-belt and to Sensei Thomas Smith who successfully graded to 1st Dan Cadet. Well done to both of you, keep up the good work!

  November 2018  
  Congratulations to all students who were successful in their grading. Keep up the good work!  
  March 2018  

After a hard grading, we can now welcome five new Junior 1st Dan grades to the Association. Congratulations to Sensei Tara Dakin, Sensei Tom Dawes, Sensei William Eyre, Sensei Thomas Eyre, and Sensei Harrison Plumb, pictured below with Sensei Duncan Hardy.

This is the first time that the British Go-Dai Association has ever had twins pass a Junior Dan grading!

  Decmber 2017  

Our annual Karate Christmas Disco was well attended and enjoyed by all students...


A visit from Santa ensured no-one went home empty handed:




  November 2017  

A smaller than usual grading surprised us with top marks for most students - you are showing some great potential!

  July 2017  

A successful demonstration was held at Clay Cross bi-annual gala, showcasing our karate, ju-jitsu and kobudo skills.

Another excellent grading result for our students to keep on the path to success!

  March 2017  

Well done to all students successful in this month's grading.

  December 2016  

The British Go-Dai Association welcomes two new senior 1st Dan Black-belts - congratulations to Senseis Steven Whitehead and William Ashley and one new Junior 1st Dan - Sensei Luke Goodman - your training and hard work has paid off!

A Christmas Disco rounded off the year with a visit from Santa!

  November 2016  

Record numbers attended the grading - an excellent success rate for our students - well done!

  June 2016  

Congratulations to all students successful in their grading - another set of great results.

  March 2016  

Congratulations to all students successful in their grading - keep up the good work!

  December 2015  

The annual karate disco was enjoyed by all at WHPS school.

The British Go-Dai Association is pleased to announce the promotion of three of its top karate instructors: Sensei Nigel B Briggs gains his 5th Dan black-belt and Senseis Patrick Kelly and Jason Nesbeth are both awarded 4th Dan status.

All three were presented with their awards by Sensei Duncan Hardy, Chairman of the Association, announced by the Association's Secretary, Sensei June Hardy.

Congratulations to you all; you have shown great dedication, determination and self-discipline in your training and coaching of your students.

  November 2015  
  Another night out with Holymoorside Beavers this time - all enjoyed their training session.  
  September 2015  
  Matlock Go-Dai Karate Club provided some training at the local scout, cubs and beavers entertainment evening.  
  June\July 2015  
  Demonstrations at WHPS school and Clay Cross Gala entertained the crowds once again on two fine sunny days.  
  December 2014  
  The annual Christmas Disco topped off a busy year and was enjoyed by all at WHPS school.  
  July 2014  
  A fine Summer day helped to bring in the crowds at the annual Summer Fayre at WHPS school, raising £70 for school funds.  
  December 2013  

2013 was topped-off with a fantastic Christmas Disco, with three special awards to the Association's Dan grades. Sensei Duncan Hardy was awarded 7th Dan by the Association's Dan Grade Committee in recognition for the years of dedication he has given to the martial arts. Senseis Paige Beswick and James Aldridge were also awarded 2nd Dan Junior status for the committment they have shown to their Sensei and the martial arts. Congratulations on your well deserved successes!

Congratulations to the Associations newest Dan grades: Sensei Louise Nunns and Sensei Jaidene Parks, both achieve 1st Dan Senior status and Sensei Matthew Swindell 1st Dan Junior. You have all worked hard for your success - well done!

DISCO DISCO - we have had some enquiries about who the disco was (it was so good) and whether you can book it for your private party, so we have decided to put a link to their website: Mobile Disco. Please mention the British Go-Dai Association.

  September 2013  
  It is with regret and sadness that we announce the death of Sensei Charles Smith, 4th Dan. He was a dediated martial artist and will be missed by all Students and Senseis.  
  June\July 2013  
  A busy couple of months for the British Go-Dai demonstration team; karate and kobudo demonstrations were held for Matlock Beaver Group, WHPS primary school Summer Fayre and Clay Cross Gala.  
  December 2012  

A special presentation was held at the annual karate disco to Senseis Charles Smith and June Hardy, both being awarded 4th Dan status for all their hard work and years of dedication to their martial art - well done!

The British Go-Dai Association welcomes eight (!) new junior 1st Dan grades from Matlock and WHPS clubs. Congratulations to: Sensei Chloe Arbury, Sensei Jo Wilmot, Sensei Charlotte Gale, Sensei Sam Bray, Sensei Barney Newman, Sensei Connor Briggs, Sensei Dan Bond and Sensei Tom Stevenson.

The annual karate disco was another success - thanks to all who attended. Special mention to Sensei Jo Wilmot for her "Gangnam Style" dance - video avaiable on request!

  December 2011  

Congratulations to Sensei Louise Nunns on gaining your 2nd Dan junior black-belt - you have shown great dedication to your art. Best wishes for your studies for your senior Dan grade.

Another great time was had by all students at the Christmas disco at WHPS school.

  September 2011  
  Matlock Go-Dai Karate Club move to a new location - the ARC Leisure Centre, Matlock.  
  August 2011  
  Another great demonstration of karate and kobudo entertained the crowds at the 2011 Holymoorside Family Fun Day.  
  July 2011  
  Successful demonstrations at both Darley Dale Primary school summer fair and the 2011 Clay Cross Gala were enjoyed by all present.  
  June 2011  

A demonstration at WHPS Primary School raises £44 for school funds at the school summer fair.

Members of Matlock Go-Dai Karate Club entertained a local scout group for an evening, enabling scout members to sample first hand karate training techniques and some weapons training.

  February 2011  
  Sensei Paige Beswick of Matlock Go-Dai Karate Club passes a hard grading for her 1st Dan Junior black-belt. Well done Paige, you have worked hard for your success.  
  December 2010  

Five more Junior 1st Dan black-belts are welcomed into the British Go-Dai Association. All five students from Walton Holymoorside Karate School have trained since it opened in 2004 - well done to you all - keep up the good work. Congratulations go to Sensei Kate Mann, Sensei Rachel Taylor, Sensei Kayleigh Waller, Sensei Scott Briggs and Sensei James Aldridge.

Sensei Jason Nesbeth from Matlock and Sensei Patrick Kelley are awarded 3rd Dan status after many years of loyal training. Congratulations to you both, you have earned your grade.

The British Go-Dai Association holds its annual Karate Disco at WHPS school, which was well attended by nearly 100 students from all clubs.

  August 2010  
  We were very lucky with the weather when the Demonstration team produced a great display for the audience and Chair of the Parish Council, Martin Thacker MBE, at Holymoorside Family Fun Day.  
  July 2010  

The British Go-Dai Association Demonstration team perform a karate and kobudo demonstration at the newly opened club at Skegby.

Another successful demonstration quickly follows at Darley Dale Primary School Summer Fair - the home of Matlock Go-Dai Karate Club, raising £40.00 in the bucket for school funds.

We then moved on to St Mary's RC Secondary School at Newbold to hold a series of workshops for the out of school club's Japanese week and finished off the day with a demonstration of karate and kobudo to all those present.

  June 2010  

WHPS Karate Club performs its annual demonstration at the school Summer fair and raises £26.00 in the bucket for school funds.

  December 2009  
  The British Go-Dai Association welcomes five new junior 1st Dan black-belts. Sensei Louise Nunns, Sensei Ellie Blagdon, Sensei Alexander Ball, Sensei Alex Riddy and Sensei Joe Braithwaite all achieved black-belt passes from the Association Chairman Sensei Duncan Hardy 6th Dan. These are the first black-belt passes achieved from the Walton Holymoorside Karate School since it was formed in 2004. Congratulations to you all, you have all worked very hard for your grading - be proud of your achievement.  
  November 2009  

The British Go-Dai Association holds its Junior Inter-Club Tournament. Over 60 students from all Go-Dai clubs take part in a crowd pleasing display of controlled fighting. Winners and runners-up are shown below:

Oscar Dale
Aidan Buckard
Arron McArthur
Liam Walker
Daniel Bond
Matthew Roberts
Rachel Taylor
Scott Briggs
Alexander Ball
Joe Braithwaite

Well done to all students taking part.
Click here for photographs of the event

The Duncan Hardy Award was presented to Paige Beswick in recognition of the determination and effort she consistently puts into her training. Well done Paige!

Sensei Nigel B Briggs is named by Senesei Duncan Hardy as Vice Chair of the British Go-Dai Association.

  July 2009  
  All British Go-Dai Association Clubs join together to please the crowds at Clay Cross Gala with two karate and kobudo demonstrations. The weather was fantastic; we could all feel the heat! See the gallery for photographs of the event.  
  February 2009  

Sensei Lola O'Brien successfully achieves senior 1st Dan black-belt status. After a tough grading chaired by Sensei Duncan Hardy 6th Dan, Sensei Lola was finally awarded a deserving pass and becomes Matlock's eighth black-belt. Well done!

Sensei Nigel B Briggs, Chief instructor of Matlock Go-Dai Karate Club was also awarded his 4th Dan grade by the Chairman of the British Go-Dai Association, Sensei Duncan Hardy 6th Dan.

  December 2008  
  Matlock Go-Dai Karate Club celebrates 20 years in 2009 with a disco for all junior grades. This was a great success, although some of you need to practise your "Can Can" skills! See you all at next year's disco!  
  March 2007  
  Sensei Lola O'Brien from Matlock Go-Dai Karate Club completes her Junior 1st Dan black-belt grade. Well done Lola, keep up the good work!  
  December 2006  
  Sensei Bradley Brooks becomes Matlock's sixth black-belt after a tough grading for his Junior 1st Dan grade. Well done Bradley, you worked really hard for your success.  
  December 2004  
  The British Go-Dai Association welcomes three more 1st Dan Black-Belts - Sensei Ann Hardy from Birdholme (Snr), Sensei Thomas Barker from Matlock and Sensei William Ashley from St Peter and St Paul Club. Congratulations to you all on your success - keep up the good work.  
  November 2004  
  Sensei Nigel Briggs opens a new karate school at Walton Holymoorside Primary School, for under 16's to learn karate.  
  April 2004  
  Matlock Go-Dai Karate Club learns that it has been successful in its Lottery bid for funding for three portable electric heaters and promotional literature.  
  February 2004  
  Matlock Karate Club holds its first AGM and formally changes to club status. The club's constitution is approved and members voted onto the committee.  
  January 2004  
  Matlock Karate School revisits its roots and moves back to Chatsworth Hall Gym on Wellington Street. This is where the school first started training back in 1989!  
  July 2003  
  The British Go-Dai Association web site receives its first 1,000 hits.  
  December 2002  
  Sensei Jason Nesbeth of Matlock Karate School gains his 2nd Dan qualification after a tough Dan grading held in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, under the watchful eye of British Go-Dai Association Chairman Sensei Duncan Hardy. Kevin Yip, also of Matlock Karate School also gained his first Dan black-belt.
Junior grades also taking their first Dan black-belts included Sherelle Mellors of Birdholme Karate Club and Joshua Innes and Sara Christian of St. Peter and St. Paul karate club.
  November 2001  
  The British Go-Dai Association welcomes two more 1st Dan Black-Belts - Ashley Holmes and Emma Bramall (Jnr). The two students have trained with the Association for over 5 years. They completed an 8 hour grading and were rewarded with their first Dan certificates. 
Sensei  Jason Nesbeth has been nominated for his 2nd Dan Black-Belt. He now has a tough schedule to practise to be ready for his grading next year.
  October 2001  
  Sensei June Hardy, the secretary of the British Go-Dai Association, has been honoured by the Amateur Martial Association (AMA), one of the principal governing bodies for amateur martial arts in this country. She has been awarded the grade of 3rd Dan in karate in recognition of her services to the martial arts over the years.
Particular thanks and congratulations go to Sensei June from the British Go-Dai Association for the tireless effort which she puts in to organise not only the business of the Association, but all the courses, parties, gradings and other events. Congratulations from us all.
The British Go-Dai Association is proud to announce that a number of its senior black-belts have also been successful in attaining higher Dan grades:
Sensei David Robinson is now a 4th Dan in Karate as well as holding a 1st Dan in Ju-Jitsu.
Sensei Ann Hardy has gained her 4th Dan in Ju-Jitsu and Senseis Nigel B Briggs, Paul Beet, Charles Smith and Mark Mellors have all been successful in grading for 3rd Dan in Karate.
The Association now has some of the best qualified instructors in the area, all actively involved in various clubs throughout Derbyshire.

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