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Last Updated: Saturday 3 January, 2015 21:09

It is important to attend every training session to ensure that you don't miss out. The karate syllabus requires dedication, discipline and a lot of hard work! Your Sensei will help you by making the training as interesting and as much fun as possible. Please arrive in time for the start of a training session. There is a strong emphasis on respect with all martial arts - it is (of course) considered disrespectful if you arrive late.


At certain times, some students may find their progress is slower/quicker than expected - this is normal - some parts of the syllabus are easier to learn than others - on the other hand, some techniques can take years to master!

  Do not be disappointed with your progress; trust your Sensei to know which parts of the syllabus you need to work on - this will be different for every student. If you still have any concerns, you can talk to your Sensei on your training days, or email Sensei Nigel confidentially.

  Because WHPS Karate School has a waiting list, if you miss training sessions, your place may be given to someone else. Please try to provide your Sensei with an explanation for any missed sessions to avoid this.

If you do intend to stop training, please notify your Sensei as soon as possible to enable someone else to take your place.
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