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Matlock Go-Dai Karate Club
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Sensei Jason and Sensei Duncan watched by Matlock Go-Dai Karate Club founder Sensei Nigel

Current Club Status: OPEN


Training every TUESDAY evening at

the ARC Leisure Centre



Please ensure we have your latest mobile number. Use the contact us link above to send your details in. We use text messages to inform you of important updates such as cancellations.

Your contact details will be automatically removed from all our systems if we don't hear from you after 10 weeks (ie if you don't train, and don't contact us once every 10 weeks if you are not training).


Welcome to Matlock Go-Dai Karate Club! We train every Tuesday evening at
The ARC Leisure Centre, Matlock,
just off the A6 (Click link for map). Training schedules are published below:

Under 11's - from 6 years only (up to green belt): 6:00-6:55pm
Any student: 7:00-8:25pm

Matlock Go-Dai Karate Club was formed in 1989 by Sensei Nigel B Briggs, 5th Dan and exists to promote the martial arts and enable everyone with a desire to learn karate, to do just that.

All are welcome; if you have never tried karate before, we will take you through the first steps to enable you to achieve your goals. Both men and women enjoy the many benefits of karate, from increased fitness, flexibility, and the advantage of learning a valuable martial art. The exercises we perform at the start of each training night are specially designed to improve flexibility, power and maintain a leaner, fitter body. More advanced members are able to develop their kobudo (weapons) skills if they wish.



We are a non-profit making organisation and believe that everyone should be able to access quality karate tuition at an affordable price; from £5.00 for two hours training for Adults is significantly cheaper than joining a gym!

Under 16's
Training: paid nightly (new starters only)
10 weeks
20 weeks
Membership (renewable on 1st January)

Membership costs just £3.00 per year - cheaper than joining a gym!

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