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Birdholme Karate Club
Last Updated: Sunday 24 October, 2021 11:01

Current Club Status: OPEN


Training every Thursday evening from 7pm.




Sensei Duncan keeping a close eye on proceedings at a recent demonstration.


  Welcome to Birdholme Karate Club! We train every Thursday night at Spire Junior School, just off the A61 Derby Road at Jawbones Hill (Click link for map). Training schedules are published below:  

Training for all students7-8.30pm


Birdholme Karate Club was formed by the Association's Chief Instructor, Sensei Duncan Hardy, 7th Dan, a multiple world record holder. We teach using traditional methods; work hard and achieve your goals.

We ensure that we have places available for beginners, whilst more advanced students can develop their kobudo (weapons) skills if they wish.

Click the contact us link to check on availability.





Sensei Duncan and his Tamashiwara team breaking 1,000 tiles in 11.5 seconds on 9 August 1986.
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